June 9, 2012

an awkward introduction.

hi. i'm hilary.
this is me:
- i'm an art education major.
-i hate the shift key, but i write in mostly capital letters.
- i have a cat named eloise.
- i have a turtle named franklin.
- i have a boyfriend named luciano.
- i kind of go without direction a lot. well i don't even really go.
- i am very scatter brained.
- i have been buying lots of purple things lately.
- i like soda.

okay. so i am pretty new to actual blogging. the kind where you don't just repost pictures and make vague statements about life.

life has been feeling very stale and rather uncomfortable lately. i'm at one of those stages in life, i'm not sure which one really. just one.
either way, it's led me to feel i need to share things, nothing in particular but also maybe everything. not with anyone but maybe everyone.

anyways, this is where i think i will start.


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