August 11, 2012

To do lists.

With the beginning of a new semester and the excitement of a new home I have a few expectations of myself over the next few months.

I'm hoping having a little guide of things I will want to accomplish on such a tight schedule will help motivate me when I am feeling a little anxious and exhausted.

Essentially things I wish to accomplish by or keep up with until the new year.

  1. Eat healthier - being a vegetarian people always assume I am a super perfect  specimen for healthy eaters. However, my diet pretty much consists of carbs. With a new kitchen - that houses and actual fridge - I really hope to start cooking dinner and trying to eat a bit better.
  2. Get in shape - no excuse not to being in walking distance to the school gym.
  3. Quit smoking - no explanation needed.
  4. Get a new camera.
  5. Start a 365 project.
  6. Mail these packages I have had for months.
  7. Stay organized throughout the semester.
  8. Make my dorm my own this time around.
  9. Stay focused.
  10. Find something I am interested in and really get involved volunteering or taking a little class once or twice a month. (For sanity's sake.)
  11. Read a book a month - other than text books.
  12. Keep my blog updated and interesting.
  13. See Drew and Sarah.
  14. Make good grades.
  15. Try harder.

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